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Warehouse Management


  • U.S Network of 18 facilities across 12 states

  • 99% KPI-accuracy rate

  • Latest technology in warehouse management (WMS) and EDI

          -Web-based system, accessible from any internet-ready location with 360-degree visibility

          -Real-time inventory updates

  • (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification wirelessly enables hand held barcode scanners

  • Precise inventory control including ABC velocity location control

  • Container stripping, as well as packaging and converting 

  • Inventory Control

  • Real-Time status updates

  • Order processing control, bar code labeling for improved accuracy and tracking

  • Shipment traceability BOL, Vendor, Customer, Item, Stock Date and more

  • Access to documents for each shipment

  • Reports including Service Level Agreement (SLA)

           -Shipment Planning Notification

           -Booking Notification

           -Departure Confirmation

           -Customs Activities Notifications

           -Shipment Pre-Alert Notifications

           -Delivery Status Notifications

All information is password protected and encrypted. 



Gava Group provides service options that include stock management, order processing, demand forecasting, planning, and replenishment. 

Picking /Packing


Gava Group designed its warehouse management system and distribution centers to provide accurate and efficient pick-and-pack services. 

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